Bayshore Boulevard: The Perfect Place to Settle Down…and Watch Beautiful People Sweat

Tampa is a great city. Fantastic weather. Nice scenery.  And its very own hockey team. Tampa also boasts the longest continuous sidewalk in the world:  Bayshore Boulevard.  Bayshore’s sidewalk is 4.5 miles long, 10 feet wide, and covered with beautiful people.  Sweating.

My sister loves this area so much that she fantasizes we will meet orphan brothers (the “orphan” part makes family holidays a breeze), move to Hyde Park, live a few streets away from our parents (easy access to loyal babysitters), and have beautiful children that will grow up to be cousin-best friends.  Her Plan B includes one of us marrying Tim Tebow and the other marrying a doctor…Medical advice will only be a phone call away.  Her active imagination is one of her many fabulous qualities.  (Gentlemen, she’s a keeper, and I can put in a good word for you…)

To avoid looking like a complete stalker, I refrained from taking photographs of too many people.  (I simply admired them from behind my lens, too busy gawking silently to snap the shutter.)  Instead, here are just a few images of this classic Tampa Bay landmark:

So, while we may never live here (again) or get to marry a Gator quarterback, the Big Guy Upstairs certainly ensures the scenery is worth the trip.



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