Chicago: The Land of Hot Dogs, Deep Dish Pizzas, Tulips on the Streets, and a Lake Like the Ocean

Chicago is known for many things.  Wind.  Lots of wind, for one thing.  Layer upon layer of cheese and meat and more cheese in their deep dish pizzas.  Pickles and tomatoes on their hot dogs.  The L train.  Fantastic shopping on The Magnificent Mile.  And large bodies of water.  If I wasn’t familiar with the geography of Illinois, I would be hard pressed not to think Lake Michigan was the ocean.

Because I am a travel and photography lover (it’s more like “addict,” but hey, you say “tomato,” I say “tomato”), I took “a few” (it’s more like “400”) pictures while I was there.  You can find some of those photographs in our Cityscapes, Odds and Ends, and Wild Things galleries.  Without further ado, however, here are just “a few” (literally) from this most recent adventure:

Navy Pier


I do, too!


More Kindred Spirits


Tulips on the sidewalk

Tulips in the city

And there you have it.  Now we’re back to the land of sunshine, real beaches, and the Florida Gators.  Home Sweet Home.


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