Five Reasons Why Sunrise Shoots are Worth the Effort

I have a confession.  I am a List Lover.  Lists are fabulously handy, and while they’re not to be used for absolutely everything, they can be helpful.  For example, lists are wonderful for more efficient grocery store trips, lighter island-vacation luggage, organizing what falls under “Quarter-Life Crisis” symptoms and cures, deciding if that person is worth the drive across the state…you know, the usual stuff.

So, in honor of our most recent “Don’t Be Shy” photograph, we have…a list.

Five Reasons Why Sunrise Shoots are Worth the Effort:

5.  Even gas station coffee tastes good at that time of day…and that level of exhaustion.

4.  There are roughly four other kindred spirits up that early, and they are all amazingly friendly.

3.  Early mornings like those are conducive to morning naps…which are simply wonderful.

2.  Aside from the ocean, it’s oh so quiet.

1.  Scenes like these:



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